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Jazz In Pink is the world-renowned, all-female, all Star band based in Los Angeles, CA. In just six years, Jazz In Pink has emerged as one of the world's most prominent and popular all-female, ensembles. They enjoy a growing social media presence on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Jazz In Pink delivers a mixed genre which is primarily Jazz with soul, R&B, symphonic, rock and hip hop undertones. The band's core members are Gail Jhonson, Althea René, Maria Antoinette, and Karen Briggs. Since 2008, Jazz In Pink has not only performed throughout the country and around the world, but has worked to fill learning, social, and cultural gaps through community outreaches and events. The talented band consistently captivates audiences. JNP members are women at all stages in their careers. Billboard chart topping solo artists that all embody the drive, strength and commitment to their craft and to paying it forward.

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement:

“Women Making Music a Choice” is the theme that Jazz in Pink has adopted to empower, enrich, inform and inspire women and girls. Music is a great catalyst for creative expression, for a lifetime of joy and recognition. Through Workshops, Educational Clinics and Performances, aspiring artists will be impacted by the more than 40 years of experience the women of Jazz in Pink can offer.Our objective is to share information, experiences and musical knowledge from several genres of music, including: jazz, orchestral, funk, gospel, soul, blues and theatre music. We are composers, arrangers, educators, authors, music directors and recording artists.Jazz in Pink has the willingness and passion to give the community; especially women and girls, the tools to compete in the global market. Our hands-on leadership and collective input can bring change and survival skills in the lives of musicians and artists.We have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and have provided workshops, studio lessons, stage experience and performance opportunities for nearly 100 women and girls, in the past 11 years. We are presently seeking grants to help us to expand our base and provide our services here and abroad, as ambassadors of women in music. References available upon request.Gail Jhonson, Executive Director



Sweet Baby J'ai

I not only appreciate the tremendous talent the women of Jazz in Pink bring to our events but their professionalism and dedication to leaving audiences with a lasting positive experience. Keep doing what you’re doing divas!


Sweet Baby J'ai

Co-founder / Artistic Director

Palm Springs Women's Jazz Festival

Sweet Baby J'ai

Phillip Smith

Phillip Smith

“I have followed Jazz in Pink for many years. I am also close friends with and have been educated by their executive director, Gail Johnson. Jazz in Pink makes a positive contribution to jazz education, but also a positive contribution to women as role models for women in the music industry. Keep up the good work, Jazz in Pink!”

Arianne Cap

Ariane Cap

"Jazz in Pink through its performances and community outreach inspires and encourages girls and women to express themselves creatively. Learning and playing an instrument is not only an empowering experience that builds self esteem and communication skills, it also builds character and discipline. I am a professional musician (I had the great pleasure of subbing for JIP's wonderful bassist Robin Bramlett) and have experienced Jazz in Pink's excellent work first hand - the band’s musicians are highly skilled, beautifully musical and professionals through and through. I highly recommend them as a powerful force and view them as impressive ambassadors for women in music.”

Ariane Cap, bassist, author, educator, blogger, clinician

Charlia Boyer

Charlia Boyer

Jazz in Pink is a wonderfully talented group of women who care about their community and contribute their talents, time and effort for the growth and support of young people and adults.


Thank you, ladies, for all you do!


Rochella Brown

Every time I see a Jazz in Pink performance, it gives me the inspiration and motivation I need to keep pursuing my dreams. These women are amazing!

Lois McMorris

Lois McMorris

Jazz In Pink's inspirational and educational community outreach projects have ongoingly proven to be a much needed, compelling, efficacious platform that provides core empowering tools to musicians and artists, especially addressing the life chosen musical path experience of women and girls.

The inestimable value and positive, up-lifting impact generated by it's programs

and their hands-on mentoring leadership has had far reaching, vitally important effects upon the aspiring and active creative music women collective.



Yakia Ketchens

"My name is Yakira.  I am the percussionist/singer of Jazz in Pink.  My mission is to inspire and uplift the spirit, with hopes of making a difference in someone's life.

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