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Our Mission

Our mission statement for Jazz in Pink is clear: "Women Making Music a Choice." I have personally chosen music as my career path, driven by values that I am passionate about sharing. Through these initiatives, we've had the privilege of providing instruments, scholarships, mentorship, and, perhaps most importantly, a sense of belonging to countless young women and girl musicians. Our nonprofit has become a beacon of hope, a place where dreams are nurtured and allowed to flourish. It stands as a testament to the transformative power of music and the incredible potential that emerges when individuals receive the support they rightfully deserve. In this remarkable journey, I've not only witnessed the growth and transformation of these young musicians but have also grown as a person. Their unwavering determination, boundless passion, and indomitable spirit have consistently served as a wellspring of inspiration. As we continue to expand our programs, reaching out to more young people, especially women and girls, I am reminded of the profound impact that music can have in shaping lives. Together, we are orchestrating a brighter future for the next generation of female musicians, and I eagerly anticipate the beautiful notes that are yet to be composed in our collective


Women Making Music a Choice


Growing up in a family of six sisters, one of whom had special needs, my innate desire to  assist and support others began at a young age. My early inclinations led me to help my sister learn to walk, talk, and eventually ride a bike. This nurturing spirit naturally extended to tutoring classmates. However, it was my introduction to piano lessons in the fourth grade that ignited a profound passion for the world of music. From that point forward, I knew that music was destined to be an integral part of my life’sjourney.

My musical path encompassed rehearsals, local performances, and voluntary of my life'sjourney. My musical path encompassed rehearsals, local performances, and voluntary work as a music therapist. Through my college years and into family life, I shared my musical gift by creating scholarships, funding recitals, and directing youth bands and choirs. I ventured into touring, launched entrepreneurial music startups, recorded music, and delved deep into the intricacies of the music industry. These experiences allowed me to flourish as a musician, band director, composer, author, producer and educator, reaffirming that choosing music as a career was my calling. In 2008, I co-founded Jazz in Pink, an all-female ensemble. Over 15 years of its development, I expanded my spirit of giving by mentoring fellow female musicians, songwriters, arrangers, and, particularly, young individuals, with a special focus on girls, nurturing their leadership skills and guiding their musical journeys. This creative space eventually gave rise to the philanthropic, non-profit arm of Jazz in Pink. One of our inaugural initiatives was organizing a toy drive, the Aaron "Vein" Jones Toy Drive, named in loving memory of my late son who had a special fondness for Christmas.

This endeavor, though small, was deeply meaningful as it connected us with young people in underserved communities who may not have had access to musical instruments or the encouragement to explore their musical talents. Soon after, we introduced other programs such as Guitar Jam for Girls, Keyboard Klub, Halloween Costume Jam, and the Music Explosion, a two-day summer camp. These initiatives allowed us to make a significant difference in the lives of those who aspired to pursue their musical dreams. As our commitment to the nonprofit sector grew, we recognized the need for more substantial support.

This realization led to the inception of the Charity Golf Challenge, an annual event held every September in honor of my son's birthday. It proved to be a brilliant way to raise funds while building a community of supporters who shared our vision. This tournament not only brings together music enthusiasts but also serves as a platform for Jazz in Pink to showcase the talents of our young female musicians.

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Sweet Baby J'ai

I not only appreciate the tremendous talent the women of Jazz in Pink bring to our events but their professionalism and dedication to leaving audiences with a lasting positive experience. Keep doing what you’re doing divas!

Phillip Smith

“I have followed Jazz in Pink for many years. I am also close friends with and have been educated by their executive director, Gail Johnson. Jazz in Pink makes a positive contribution to jazz education, but also a positive contribution to women as role models for women in the music industry. Keep up the good work, Jazz in Pink!”


Ariane Cap

Jazz in Pink through its performances and community outreach inspires and encourages girls and women to express themselves creatively. Learning and playing an instrument is not only an empowering experience that builds self esteem and communication skills, it also builds character and discipline.


Charlia Boyer

Jazz in Pink is a wonderfully talented group of women who care about their community and contribute their talents, time and effort for the growth and support of young people and adults.


Thank you, ladies, for all you do!


Rochella Brown

Every time I see a Jazz in Pink performance, it gives me the inspiration and motivation I need to keep pursuing my dreams. These women are amazing!


Lois McMorris

Jazz In Pink's inspirational and educational community outreach projects have ongoingly proven to be a much needed, compelling, efficacious platform that provides core empowering tools to musicians and artists, especially addressing the life chosen musical path experience of women and girls.

The inestimable value and positive, up-lifting impact generated by it's programs

and their hands-on mentoring leadership has had far reaching, vitally important effects upon the aspiring and active creative music women collective.


Yakia Ketchens

"My name is Yakira.  I am the percussionist/singer of Jazz in Pink.  My mission is to inspire and uplift the spirit, with hopes of making a difference in someone's life.

2024 show/events schedule

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